I had the pleasure of working with Michal in seven sessions last summer and ever since then my life seemed to take a turn for the best.
My awareness in connection with my mind body and soul completely shifted into prefect balance with the way my daily activities and mind was activating.
Michal was able to tap into my sense of identity and what areas in my body it was coming from and where I held the most tension.
The second she begins her work on my body I would immidietly fall Into a deep meditation and trance experiencing visions. I would connect into my childhood bringing back issues that I knew needed healing and transformation. My body reacted in many different emotional ways releasing negativity and fear.
She has a way of allowing me to tap into  my  subconscious. After my  session with her I would feel a sense of breakthrough and ease. I felt more connected to my heart and my daily patterns that I knew needed to work on. She offered me a lifetimes worth of different tools I can do on my own that would benefit my life positively. I noticed the way I changed after a session with her feeling clear, calm and grounded after working with her.
This women is extremley powerful and has helped me changed my life for the best.
I highly recommend her for anybody searching for healing, guidance, truth, and connection.

-Nova Zef

0504777745             michalbarneabd@gmail.com